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What Patients Are Saying

I can safely say I got the most thorough exam ever. I've had glasses since adolescence; tens of exams over the years, and didn't know what great vision looked like. I was really impressed by the depth of Dr Nguyen's knowledge and eagerness to explain.

Ivan A.

I visited iPrecision Optometry again for a check up since my 1st visit and to get new prescription. Once again, I am very happy and I highly recommend anyone who needs an eye specialist. Dr Nguyen and his staff are very helpful and very knowledgeable. I'm very confident that if anyone is in need of a good eye doctor, THIS IS IT. Don't waste your time with other places. With Dr Nguyen and his staff, you won't get any round around. With Dr Nguyen, you'll get a great professional well rounded comprehensive eye exam and treatment advice that would help your eye issues without that intimidation or pressure.

Imee E.

Dr. Nguyen is very friendly, informative, caring, and thorough with exams. He informs me of what preventative care i will need to incorporate. He does not try to up sell anything to you, which is also greet too! I don't like being pressured into paying for something i don't want or need.

Georgia L.

Having been to many optometrist offices over the years, this by far has been the best experience! Great environment and very welcoming. I will continue visiting this office and I recommend this office for your vision needs!

Stefifi A

I took a chance by going here just based on the reviews here and I am glad to say I was not disappointed!

Dr. Nguyen is extremely helpful and pretty thorough with his answers to any of your questions. I confirmed with him that I have dry eyes, for example, and he made sure I understood what it was, what I could do to alleviate it, and even recommended me the type of eye drops I should and shouldn't consider. I also appreciated him sharing about his brother's work in IT, I stare at a computer screen 90% of the time at my new job, so he was able to pinpoint why my eyes had gotten so dry.

Coco was also great in helping me choose my frames after I explained I wanted something similar to my current ones. After settling on a pair of Randy Jackson's and getting my glasses a week later, I am not disappointed one bit. I plan on coming back in for some adjustments, but that's pretty normal for anyone who gets a new pair of glasses.

Overall, I had a great experience and I'm pretty sure you would, too.

Richard T.

This is my second year coming to iPrecision Optometry and honestly Dr. Thai Nguyen is the best eye doctor I have ever had. They take care of you and help you figure out what is perfect for your eyes and I think that it shows so much of caring for the actual patient. I want to say thank you for taking care of me and my family

Heather P.

Dr. Nguyen and his staff really took the time to explain and make sure I had the best experience and prescription for my eyes. Awesome place and highly recommended! Will be my go to optometry.

Davis T.

I found this place through a family member. Let me tell you this, I felt really comfortable there for my visit. Dr. Nguyen makes you feel relaxed when you are starting to build anxiety not knowing what is wrong. He explains a lot and makes sure that you understand what is going on with your eye or eyes. It was very quick and professional about this visit. I can not be more thankful to have met him because I'm now excited to wear my glasses to help me out. I highly recommend you to check this place out they are very humble and welcoming!
YES, you can also get glasses here after your check up!

Jessie I.

Great place to go to get a full exam on all your eye care needs. Dr Nguyen will explain what he is doing as he is conducting the exam which allows you to know what to expect. I did not feel rushed at all during the entire appointment and he always took the time to explain his findings to me. His staff was very helpful and making an appointment was very very easy. His prices are quite reasonable as well.. Dr Nguyen also gave me free samples to help me get through a couple weeks. He also took the extra effort to help me find reasonable prices for my contact lenses, a quality rarely found among today's optometrists offices. I would highly recommend iPrecision Optometry.

Zafeer F.

I hadn't had my vision tested for 4 years.  I was looking forward to some bad news such as I was getting older so I need to take care of my eyes.  Well Dr. Nguyen was easy going and great about answering any questions.  After running through some preliminary tests, we went through the Snellen eye charts and he confirmed that my vision was 20/20, near perfect!  One eye was slightly negative but I'll take it. 

Based upon what I answered in the preliminary questions (so be honest!), the doctor addressed some concerns like eye strain, dryness, and late night driving tips.  It was a thorough and educational trip to the doctors :)

James N.

I'm a digital artist who went in for computer glasses/exam and came out much more informed about my eyes and the type of glasses I needed. I was ready to buy super nerd yellow computer glasses, until he educated the different types of lenses that would best fit me and what I do. He answered all of my questions, and even recommended me to a specialist doctor because he caught something (donut shaped optic nerve) that might be a problem, which I don't think I would've known if I just went to WalMart. 

Not once did I felt rushed by him or pressured into buying anything I didn't really need. Dr. Nguyen was very thorough with my exam, and very easy going like the previous reviewer. I highly recommend him and I can't wait for my computer glasses to come in!

Amy M.

Holly's son.jpg

First time bringing my kids here for eye exam, Dr. Nguyen and his staff were so friendly and helpful. I love this place and will definitely come back soon. My son loves his glasses...Thank you, Dr Nguyen.

Holly N.

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